Jennifer Meeks:

Children in government schools get 16,000 hours of indoctrination. Working parents have been uninterested in countering the propaganda. Even in our small town parents have seen their former Christian conservative children change their beliefs because of what they hear in school, from other Christian conservative teachers. Because the curriculum is terrible. They’re not teaching history even in our small town.

We are seeing Christians fold because the state/school spends more time with them than their families. In the 1800s and early 1900s, children started school at age 7. They went less than 9 months a year, and were finished by age 14, or 8th grade. This was all that was needed. They were ready for college, if they chose to go. They were better educated than today’s 18 year old high school grads. They spent more time with family. Below is an 8th grade exam from 1912. Most 12th graders today would fail it. It’s open ended. Tests now are true/false and multiple choice.…/schoolexam1912.html

Studies show home educated students outperform their peers, by a lot. They’re better socialized than their peers. They have more time to socialize with people of different ages, not just a group of 20 children their own age. Colleges seek out homeschool students. Below is a long list of homeschool stats.

How many homeschool children do you know? Homeschooling has changed in the last 20 yrs, even 10 yrs. 11% of American children are Homeschooling now. That number will grow.

I don’t think for a minute we’re safe from the agenda of the left. Why do you think I’m part of this group? You seem to think I’m an idiot. I got an excellent education at a private school, graduated 2nd in my class, and went to college with a scholarship. I’m underwhelmed with our local schools, which are some of the “best” in the state. Children in schools now will be our future leaders, doctors, politicians, teachers, etc. What schools are doing is frightening. I have been sounding alarms for years and been ignored.

It’s about much more than CRT. Schools have been indoctrinating children for more than a century. About time a few more parents have finally realized there’s a problem.

Parents are playing Russian roulette with children. But instead of one bullet in the chamber, there’s 3 or 4. No thanks, we’re good.

Below is an excellent summary of the history of American education.…/

The teachers union NEA was founded by a communist sympathizer, and they purposely recruit them.

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